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VHS transfer Service on DVD or USB key

The family memories are doomed to disappear on the  old cassettes . However, the latter deteriorate over time. So, if you need to copy the contents of your  VHS  to a  DVD  or  USB drive , seek the  services of a professional .

As specialists in k7 transfer  services  and personal and professional archive copy, we realize the  duplication of your media on digital media  (DVD, key or USB external hard drive). Trust us with your  old movies , photos, slides, videotapes or other old format that you want to save from oblivion.

To provide you with  quality service , we take the utmost care in the handling of your films until the end of the process.

We are aware of the importance of the memories you will entrust to us.

To do so, we use  specific software  and a professional device to play the content while recording.

We support many formats for your transfers:

Slides, negatives, photo scanning, glass plate, scanning movies super 8, 8MM, 9.5MM, 16MM, HI8 tapes, Video8, Digital8, cassettes MINIDV, Micro-MV, K7 VHS, BETACAMA, U-MATIC, BETACAM, DVCAM, DIGITAL BETACAM, DIGITAL BETACAM SX, MPEG, IMX, V2000, DVD video, laserdisc VCD and SVCD, mini disc, DAT cassette, K7 audio, DCC, 78 rpm, 33 rpm, 45 rpm, and magnetic tape.

In order to preserve the confidentiality of your  content , we undertake to remove all traces of  your recordings  from our local, once you have recovered your media. As for the confidentiality of the transferred archives, our staff is held to the strictest reserve obligation.

Remember to convert and burn your  old formats  on a  DVD  so you can share them with your loved ones!

Be aware that the quality remains the same as that of the  tape and any other format supported , but no longer degrades over time.


( usb key included )
From 1 to 9 media
0 € / unit
From 10 to 19 media
0 € / unit
From 20 to 29 media
0 € / unit
From 30 to 39 media
0 € / unit
From 40 media
0 € / unit

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