You are certainly used to protecting your digital spaces and your personal data, why not do the same with your private or public spaces ? Installing an alarm or video surveillance system can save you a lot of trouble, and there’s no better way than to call on professionals to advise you and install your security systems !

Video Surveillance Systems

Unfortunately, no one is safe from a burglary, especially if you have to travel or go on vacation. So if you live in the Pays de Gex, from Saint Genis Pouilly to Divonne les bains, we invite you to contact us to protect your private or public spaces with our IP video surveillance solutions.

What is video surveillance ?

Video surveillance, or video protection, is a system composed of various cameras that ensure the security of a place, goods, or people. This system is composed of everything necessary for its proper functioning in order to record, transmit, and exploit the recorded images.
There are several variations of video surveillance systems:

Protect your private or public spaces with our IP video surveillance solutions

IP video surveillance has a large number of advantages related to its features:

IP cameras have several features: alarm system, motion sensors, heat, counting, silhouette detection …
This new technology can easily store a very large number of images without loss of quality.

The surveillance cameras guarantee you a much more peaceful departure, and ensure the security of your property in your absence. You will also reduce the risk of burglary, these security systems have a deterrent effect on burglars who will hesitate to attack your property. And since this type of system is connected to your network and communicates with you via live image viewing, the system alerts you to the slightest intrusion !

Did you know ?

There are more than 380,000 burglaries a year in France or burglary every 90 seconds.Do not wait before it’s too late ! More info on our dedicated website:

Alarm Systems

If the surveillance cameras are an important component of a security system, the alarms are just as important. A complete system will be equipped with video surveillance cameras and various alarms placed at key points in your home or office. Starting with the doors or windows.

It is in this optic that we are able today to advise you and to install complete alarm systems in order to fully ensure the security of your spaces.

What is an alarm system ?

An alarm system is a high-tech product that consists of various reliable devices that ensure the safety of property and people in the place where it is equipped. The alarm system can prevent many incidents, whether it is burglary, fire or flood. It all depends on the type of alarm you have installed in your home !

Most of the time wireless, the alarm system is easily installed by experts in your home. And it will be even more effective if it is connected to a video surveillance system.

The advantages of such a system :

Protect your spaces with a powerful alarm system !

The alarm systems that we offer have many features :

The brands we work with offer complete equipment that will make your private or public spaces even safer. Just like video surveillance cameras, alarm systems have a dissuasive effect on burglaries. Such a system also alerts you, either through the siren or sirens installed in your home (or outside depending on the model) or via notification on your smartphone if you are away.

Leave your home in complete peace of mind, if you live in the Gex area, from Saint Genis Pouilly to Divonne les Bains, our professionals are able to install and configure your alarm and security system !

Contact us !

In order to obtain more information and precisions on the security systems that we propose to you, that it is question of video surveillance or alarm system we invite you to contact us directly, either by the means of our form of contact available since the menu, or quite simply by telephoning us to 33 (0)9 77 21 77 97. Our experts will then be able to install and configure your security system in the Pays de Gex and its surroundings.

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